helen cruden

I was born into a family which has been spread across the world from the Far East, to India, Europe and South America, however who’s common ground has always been horses. My grandfather, Peter Cruden’s relationship with horses started when he was a young child in Indonesia, with his parents who had a great affinity with polo and racing. This stayed with him throughout his life and was transferred to his children and then to myself, always instilling upon us great emphasis on the importance of the relationship between man and horse.

Despite their passion being racing and polo, my family encouraged me to pursue other equestrian disciplines to participate in and that’s where my love of showjumping developed. I spent time living in Belgium, training and competing with my horses and it has become my greatest sporting passion of all. This love and understanding of horses that my family instilled in me has helped me focus on what I want my photography to convey with every shot, the beauty and power of the horse.

Whether it be polo, showjumping, or any other discipline, I work to capture unique moments, whilst always striving to capture the character of the horse and their incomparable bravery, speed and and athleticism. Capturing the character of the horse and the relationship between horse, rider and groom, I believe tells countless stories and I hope to be able to convey to the wider world the wonder of the horse as a striking athlete, as a beautiful animal and as one of man’s greatest friends.